Business PBX-VoIP System
Better communication across the board for customers, employees, and remote workers.
With Secure Hosted PBX / VoIP phones
One System for All Company Communication.
Get more value from your phone system. Simplify and improve all business communication while reducing costs and risks. and receive 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Reduce phone costs an average of 50%

Communicate from office, home, or anywhere

Encrypted with AES, the US Government  Standard 

4G backup = phones are always online

Our Partners Include

A Secure, Reliable PBX built by Network Specialists

A Full Remote & Work From Home Communication Solution

Every Client Receives the Entire Set of Advanced Features

Cut Your Phone Billl 50% Immediately

Video Conferencing: App-Free and Cost-Free

Have Questions? A Problem? Support is only a call away.

A Perfect Solution For Any Size Company

From small businesses to large enterprise organizations, our system scales to meet all your communication needs. Every client enjoys a full-featured PBX/VoIP system regardless of company size or number of extensions. To ensure your system runs smoothly, we rigorously test all phones and equipment with the corresponding SIP lines and software for guaranteed compatibility.

Below is the optimized desktop phone interface that provides a smartphone-like user experience. The customized one-touch soft keys provide convenience and increased productivity. Desk space is saved since there is no need for a sidecar, though these are available, if desired.

Two Plans. One Bill. 100% Guaranteed.

Different clients have different financial goals and needs. We offer two different financial options to best match your particular requirements.

Up-Front Equipment Purchase

All-Inclusive Subscription Model


We’ll Earn Your Business Every Day with Our Industry-Leading Agreement.

Our written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is month-to-month. Cancel anytime if you aren’t happy with our service. No questions or penalties.

Get an Estimate for Your Company - It's Easy

Selecting a PBX-VoIP system for your business is an important decision. It’s not always clear which direction to go with all the options and providers in the industry today. One way we try to help is by providing transparent and consistent pricing. Getting a quote is easy.

Click the link below for the estimate request form. You’ll see that we need only a few pieces of information, and we will not spam you with email, sell your information, or hassle you if you decide to share your phone number. Please include the following:

  1) Total number of phone lines you currently have (or best guess)
  2) Total number of extensions in the company (or best guess)
  3) Total number of desk phones and softphones* (or best guess)

* Softphones are essentially software-based phones. They mimic desk phones by presenting a phone interface on the user’s computer screen. They have additional features and save the cost of buying a desk phone.

Summary of System Highlights
Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones convert sound into Internet Protocol (IP) data packets for transmission through an Ethernet connection. These newer type phones are swiftly replacing the old-style analog phones. Conventional analog telephones convert sound into electrical analog waveforms for transmission through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN). V0IP phones can transmit non-voice data, and have many valuable features (see ‘All Features’ page) that enhance guest services. They are also less expensive than old-style analog systems to operate and maintain.

Put simply, a PBX is a multi-line telephone system. It enables users to place calls within the business and to the outside world. The equipment is located in the property’s phone closet. This type of PBX is located on the premises, hence the name ‘premise-based’ PBX. Older PBX’s use POTS (plain old telephone system) lines to make and receive voice calls. These are being phased out and replaced with SIP Trunks and IP-Based PBX’s.

A Hosted PBX is a software-based multi-line phone system that is located in the Cloud (a simplified metaphor for a professionally managed server in a hardened, secure, data center with redundant power, Internet, climate control, such as found in Amazon or Google data centers). Unlike a premise-based PBX, which is located on the hotel property, the Hosted PBX is located on off-site servers and is accessed through the hotel’s Internet connection.

There is no equipment for the hotel to repair or manage, and no upgrades to purchase as standards change. It can’t be destroyed by lightning, and 4G cellular backup networks (like Leap Networks require) keep the system operating even when the Internet connection fails.

Signed into law in 2018, RAY BAUM’S Act emphasizes the importance of sharing precise location information when calling 911, which is invaluable to first responders when locating the caller. This info includes not only an address, but also more specific info such as building number, floor, suite, room, etc. Effective Jan. 6, 2020, all multi-line telephone systems sold must provide this information to Emergency Responders.

Leap Network’s PBX meets all Ray Baum’s Act requirements.

A sip trunk is a telephone line that is accessible via the internet. One telephone number can accommodate dozens of SIP Trunks.

They are not physical lines, but are a service provided over the hotel’s Internet connection. One SIP Trunk is a channel and provides the ability to make or receive a single call. Channels can be added or removed based on need.

Providers connect one or more channels to the hotel’s PBX (existing one or a newer IP-based system). This enables phone calls to be made. 

Happy clients

“Working closely with IMIC, Leap Networks conducted the installations for each hotel swiftly and efficiently. They have been able to quickly and reliably install quite a few hotels in a very short time.”
Mike McDowell
Telecom & Utilities Director, IMIC
“Put succinctly: your company exceeded my expectations in spades. Promulgated professionalism and alacrity over the install dates. I cannot praise Ken and Caleb enough. Their acumen on all things phones and cabling was something to see. Wish every vendor exuded the same sort of work ethic. Thanks again!”
Aaron Segal
GM-Best Western Date Tree Hotel