Leap Networks is a software company providing voice services through our carrier offering. We provide a SIP trunking circuit replacement. In simplicity, we provide dial-tone and call routing to your existing phone system!

SIP Trunking

Leap Networks provides a carrier grade SIP Trunking Solution with a 4G Verizon Wireless Internet backup so that hotels are able to leverage their existing PBX investment while drastically reducing their monthly phone bill.

Our solution is seamless irrespective of what PBX is used. All circuit technologies are supported. It doesn’t matter if the hotel PBX currently utilizes a PRI, analog lines, POTS, or even newer models supporting SIP natively. Our solution covers all those bases and seamlessly integrates with your existing PBX! Details of our SIP Trunking are below:


In the same way that the Model T Ford proved to be disruptive to the horse drawn carriage market, the Internet and Voice Over IP (VOIP) has disrupted the Telecom market. No longer are people buying T1 lines for $500-$2500 a month. VOIP technology utilizing the SIP protocol has virtually eliminated long distance fees and steeply cut the cost of phone service.


Leap Networks uses only Carrier Grade hardware. We have deep networking and security roots and understand data networks at the packet and bit level. As a result, we design very reliable and resilient VOIP networks. If the hotel’s primary Internet connection fails, our system automatically switches over to our 4G backup. Our Cloud hosted SIP servers are geo-redundant (located on opposite sides of the US) and automatically switch over in the very rare event that one of them becomes unavailable.


A good premise based PBX will last for many years. They are already paid for. The monthly expense comes from the Carrier Circuit. Rather than move the PBX to the cloud, what most hotels are currently doing is moving the Carrier Circuit to the cloud (SIP Trunk). That is what Leap Networks provides. Carrier Circuit replacement. Our Carrier Grade equipment interfaces with ALL PBX systems. We provide T1/PRI, Analog, POTS, and even SIP proxy for newer PBX systems.


With SIP Trunks, you just pay for the number of concurrent call paths that you need. Typically, a hotel with 120 rooms or less is buying 8 trunks. This means 8 inbound simultaneous calls or 8 outbound simultaneous calls or 4 in 4 out, or any other combination of inbound/outbound with a max of 8 at once. The price is simple. $25/trunk and $50 flat for the 4G backup service. If you need 8 trunks, that’s $250 flat. There are no usage charges for calls to the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. International calls are billed at very competitive rates. There are no setup fees and the hardware is provided by Leap.


Powered by Cisco/Broadsoft

Our Carrier Grade circuits are powered by Cisco/Broadsoft, which powers 7 out of the 10 largest carriers in the world (Verizon, Sprint, etc…)

Our service is not the low-end cable, Arris Modem, best effort, co-ax service with no failover, offered by some of our cable TV competitors. Our equipment is carrier grade routers with redundancy built in at the local hotel level as well as the Cloud backend. At Leap Networks, we only use best in class hardware for maximum reliability.

Leap Networks, Inc.

Leap Networks began serving the Hospitality industry in September 2003. Our deeply technical staff understand hospitality technology from Phone systems, to Guest WiFi, to PCI Audits, to PMS installations, to Back Office network Administration, to Television systems, to EMV, to Key Card machines and PMS workstation and server setup. If it’s a hospitality technology, we have most likely done it in the last 15 years.

Our Goal Is To Exceed

Our goal is to exceed your expectations through our reliable and worry-free hotel phone circuits and world class support. Our Network Operations Control center will monitor your circuit 24/7 and our Toll Free number is only a call away for technical support.

As Your Business Grows

Need more DID numbers or more trunk lines? No problem. DID numbers and even trunk lines can be added at any time.

Connect with Leap Networks now to learn more about our carrier offering and additional services to help setup your PBX Connection


Our Prices Are Affordable.

New DIDs are a $5 one-time non-recurring charge. Existing hotel numbers are ported free of charge.

Carrier Grade Routers, cables, amphenols, and 66 blocks are provided by Leap free of charge.

For SIP trunks, the cost is $25/trunk/month and an additional $50 for the 4G backup (4G backup is required).

For instance,

If your hotel has 80 rooms, 8 voice lines should be plenty to support both incoming and outgoing simultaneous calls. The cost for this will be:

8*$25 = $200 plus $50 for a 4G backup circuit = $250 per month.

Save up to 50% & Increase Reliability!

For most of our clients, the current monthly cost for a T1 phone circuit is about $550-$600. When we replace that circuit, the cost will be $250, which is roughly a 50% monthly savings!

Some of our hotel clients have had their circuits for many years and are still paying very high prices from years ago. For instance, we just installed a Clarion Inn & Suites Conference Center and dropped their phone bill from just over $2200/month to $250/month (That’s $23,400 savings in just the first year).

Most cable providers that offer phone circuits are 40% more expensive than we are and don’t include a 4G backup. If their Arris cable modem goes down, so do the hotel phones. Not so with our 4G backup. Our system is not only less expensive than cable providers, but also more reliable and doesn’t require an expensive POTS line failover.

We Have A Proven Track Record.

In our 15 years of service to the hospitality industry, we have developed a solid reputation. We currently have systems in:

  • Marriott/Sheraton
  • Hilton
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • Wyndham
  • Best Western Hotels & Resort
  • Choice Hotels
  • Radisson Hotel Group
  • Many other Independent and Boutique hotels

Voice Features.

  • Call Forwarding
  • Direct Outward Dial
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID)
  • International Calling (International rates apply, but many hotels ask us to just disable International altogether. It can quickly be turned on or off at the hotel’s request.)
  • Free Long Distance (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico)
  • Failover (Geo-Diverse SIP servers on opposite sides of the USA)
  • Inbound Caller ID Name (Inbound CNAME)
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Hunt Groups
  • Allow list and Blocking lists (for instance it’s possible to block International calls or calls to 1-900 numbers)
  • Caller ID customization (for instance if the hotel wants all outbound calls to appear to come from the hotel’s main number on the caller-id)
  • Inbound Fax
  • Support for most alarm dialer panels and out-of-band router management modems
  • Variable voltage adjustment to fit some specific POTS lines requirements
  • Supports both Loop Start and Ground Start phone systems.
  • Compatible with all premise based PBX systems (Most of our properties have a Mitel, but we also have PhoneSuite, Matrix, and other PBXs)

SIP Security.

Leap Networks was founded by Chris LaMott after many years of experience in IT security, working for telecom giant Nortel Networks. Chris worked with a team at Nortel to perform IT security Risk Assessments and Penetration Testing for Nortel’s fortune 300 clients. While working at Nortel on their ethical hacking team, the team was often challenged with very difficult networks to hack. Not a single network beat them. It didn’t matter how large the company, bank, or government organization was, they always got in. Leap Networks leverages this expertise in our design of our SIP Trunking Carrier Circuits. There are multiple levels of security protocols, firewall filters, and encryption technologies in all our routers and the result is a very secure and reliable VOIP system.

Retain Your Hotel Telephone Numbers.

Leap Networks actually has multiple carrier agreements for maximum Rate Center coverage nationwide. We will need (from the hotel) a signed LOA (Letter of Agency) listing your telephone numbers and authorizing Leap to port them. In addition to the LOA, a copy of the latest phone bill will be required. The copy of your last phone bill is important because the old circuit carrier will sometimes deny a port request unless the hotel’s BTN (Billing Telephone Number), Account Number, and Business Name and Address are entered exactly as they appear on the bill or CSR (Customer Service Record). Number porting is scheduled with the hotel when the local PBX vendor is available onsite for test and turn-up.

24/7 Technical Support

Leap Networks offers 24/7 Live Technical support via a toll-free 800 number. The support is set up to be an active call center, not just reactive. All agents in the call center are Tier 2 engineers.

The Network Operations Center is able to monitor the status of all our customer circuits and support incidents are automatically generated in the event of an outage.

With a few clicks, 3rd level techs have direct access to any managed equipment at any location to quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems. Leap Networks’ monitoring system detects equipment outages so that, in the rare case of a service outage, we can start resolving it before the phone rings.

Leap Networks answers the phone with a live person. We understand how frustrating it can be to call a help-line and be put through a recorded maze of questions before you get a live, knowledgeable person on the line. We don’t like it when companies do it to us, so we don’t do it to our clients.

North American based call center where there will not be any kind of language barrier. Leap Networks believes in making the support experience as pleasant as it can be and that is why we use a North American based call center and offer the advice of live technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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