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Leap Networks began by providing highly technical services to the hospitality industry. Our client base has expanded to include any industry requiring a highly-secure and reliable multi-line phone and communications system. As one of the country’s top UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) providers, we make the transition to this beneficial technology simple and trouble-free while producing an immediate ROI for our clients.

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Phone Line Replacement with SIP Lines

If you don’t need to replace your PBX or phones now, a phone circuit replacement can greatly reduce your monthly phone expenses. By replacing old T1, PRI, Analog and other legacy-type circuits with SIP Trunks, the average business phone bill is reduced by 50%. The changeover takes a day or less, your phones never go down, and the savings are immediate. Our service includes a 4G backup network that keeps your phones and POS terminals working even when the Internet goes down. Contact us today–we usually have the changeover completed within two weeks after your approval. The savings are immediate!

Cloud-Based PBX & Business VoIP Phone Services

We eliminate complex PBX hardware and expensive phone lines with a cloud-based PBX and VoIP phones. Our clients benefit from unlimited calling, free long-distance, video and conference calls, Apps for Smartphone and Desktop, call recording, elegant phones made with premium materials, and dozens of additional features. Your office is now wherever you are. Connect with a mobile or desk phone, or online with an easy-to-use portal. And the best part? Often the savings on your monthly phone bill pays for your new PBX and phones! Purchase the entire system upfront, or select the Subscription model if a lower initial cost is desired. The one-time, modest installation fee doesn’t require a CapEx, and a monthly subscription covers all hardware, equipment, software, service, repairs, SIP phone lines, and taxes. You’ll never replace a PBX or phone system again, and you’ll always have the latest technology.

Do New Employees Need New Phones? Not Necessarily!

Many companies now give their new employees the option of having a desk phone or using the app on their cell phone. Younger employees often choose to use the app, adding mobility to their office extension. The employee has a phone they like, and the company benefits by not having to purchase an expensive desk phone.

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“Working closely with IMIC, Leap Networks conducted the installations for each hotel swiftly and efficiently. They have been able to quickly and reliably install quite a few hotels in a very short time.
Mike McDowell
Telecom & Utilities Director, IMIC